Child Labour

Image Source: The Himalayan Times

Even after 62 years of independence from the British rule, the children who are considered as the futures citizens of the country are not allowed to enjoy their valuable childhood. A stage in person’s life when he has the fullest right to go by his wishes and transform his dreams and thoughts into reality are ruined like anything.

The intensity of government’s approach against the social evil is understood but it’s not bringing out expected results. Today a large number of families are poverty stricken in India and are giving their least cooperation to make their children educated. They ignore the importance of their child as a citizen rather using them as their economic skelton. This backwardness in the society, if prevailed for a further decade, then surely the dream of our former president Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam to see India a superpower by 2020 will remain unaccomplished.

What may be actually blamed for the existence of child labour is probably the poor implementation of laws, greeds of the profit earners of the society and inadequate attention from the government. The removal of this evil needs the cooperation of the common people, NGO’s, various movement and the social group also so that the future of these children could be secured.