Chemistry restaurant makes you to have chemistry with the place..

Photo Source: Zomato

Don’t you think that there is place for all types of people that makes you to feel very pleasant and even you think to stay there for long time. Having fun with games is not only enjoyment but having a peaceful live music and having food unlimited in Barbeque and having drinks with friends on other side makes you to feel very calm and happy. Having your kids to such places doesn’t make them disappointed because they even feel that it is such a place where they find some essence of having pleasant mind.

There may be many places that which many guides may suggest you but there will be some places which gives you the desi and calm feeling. No doubt that Chemistry restaurant and bar is the place where you can find such calmness and enjoy the live music which take you to the old years where you enjoyed the silly things with your crushes or at schools days. I don’t why I liked the place but I really felt something new when I entered and had food and drinks with my friends. I recently visited it for first time and it stolen my heart because of its open air from outside , cool Breeze and moreover nice service.

Eating food is an art in my view and in this restaurant it is unlimited per one person paid ₹700/- and known as Barbecue food. Such a tasty and unlimited food and it really proves that you are good eater or not. Even the bar section give the youth and uncles a great feeling of peace and happiness that it definitely takes you to your ester years. Live music is another added point that they will sing whatever you offer them and it really make you to feel crazy and even take you to Himalayas. It is located at Kothapet premises on 5th floor of Surabhi Elite hotel. It was maintained by Surabhi Elite and they offer such a great interior works in Chemistry section. You will feel vintage and somewhat local feeling and don’t think that it is not nice to official people , it is correct for them in all ways.

You can visit the place with your friends, family and even with your loved ones as it also had separate place for them and Buffet system is available who likes it. Budget will be in safer hands and fun will be in your pockets. Trust me you will not disappoint for the money you keep. It is the place for food and enjoying with your friends and nice weekend hangout places. Really Chemistry restaurant and bar makes you to have chemistry with the place. Go and have a joyful feeling and just feel the liveliness.