Can We Get Rid Of Water Crises?

For us, it’s just a tap away, but for millions in this world, it’s just not that way. All over the world women and girls set out early each morning to fetch water. They walk few kilometers each day. Often, their water source is contaminated by human or animal waste. Typhoid, diarrhea, cholera and countless parasites cause illness and even death. Water-related diseases cause one of every four child deaths in the world. Infact, every 20 seconds child dies from lack of clean water, that’s 4000 a day and 1.5 million a year.

Can we turn this around? Yes!

If we can work together, then we can bring to communities around the world by drilling wells, protecting existing water sources, building bathrooms and teaching people about sanitation and hygiene. With all this, people have easy access to water and most importantly the water is safe. Saving lives and giving children a healthy future. Each village with clean water means many more healthy kids and many more smiles.