Book cab easily at your price…

Metro cities are very huge in terms of population as well as traffic and mainly pollution. In past there is no way of transport for moving from one place to other that created a great trouble for people. But now technology improved and many technologies given opportunities for many people to develop their ideas into reality. Such ideas and opportunities gave birth to Ola and Uber, the game changers in life of many people who are very urgent in work and those who want to avoid city hurdles. Ola and Uber are very much famous till now but the great loss for them is price surge at many instances. The main reason for such price hike is busy in traffic or long distances at night time and various other reasons. These gave people a vexed up feeling and waited for better service or some are continued the same can services.

City based techi named Chaitanya along with his wife Sameera has brought a new cab service named Vihik Cabs. These are going to be very interested for people because these are very easy to book and also no price hiking system. Because it allows the customer to interact with driver on phone and have the pleased price to be fixed. The customer get satisfied as his voted price has been selected and this will be the profit point for the business. The cab aggregators in India made Chaitanya to find such app for people in India. As Uber and Ola are not showing any alternatives for their price hiking problem this Vihik cabs will be a alternative for them.

With 8,000 registered members and 250 cabs on board service is now going to concentrate on the cab aggregator industry. Vihik cabs doesn’t fix any cab price and the customer and driver will fix it at the pleased and convincing price. At present the service providers are having in a thought that to get ties with big companies and so that the service will be easy and helpful for people. Teh whole thing is done by the chat bot thus making it seamless as well. Vihik was recently selected for the Facebook start programme that which give $40,000 credits to promote on Facebook messenger. Going on ahead the company is planning to have their services in Mumbai, Chennai, by this year end and in other metro cities in following days. Hope this cab services will be a big boost for many people who are very much awaited for suitable price system. Such innovations may be very much delicate because profit may be on bench or not but the people will push it towards the profit mark as it will be an alternative for them.