Blossoming flowers makes you to forget the world and take into a new paradise…

Many people thinks of going to a trip and then suddenly stops their plan because of many reasons. We also think that we should capture some pics of the location to have a memory. Now a days people also have a say that I need to have my DP of my WatsApp that which is captured in special place. There is one place where you can go single or with friends or family where you can forget all the stress and without blinking the eye for a second you will see the god’s creation very clearly. The perfect destination for this in upcoming months (August-October) is Munnar a hill station located in Kerela.

Such a astonishing tourist spot where you can see heights from where you can feel just the creation. Of course it will be good now also but in coming days it will be special and just unique because the reason is that Blossoming of Neelakurinjin flowers once in 12years. These flowers turn into a purplish blue colour all over the station and gives a mesmerizing view. Now this will reveal the side of shocking and also the side of poet in us as we see such a creation. ‘Neela’ means blue and ‘kurinjin’ means a special flower. This phenomenon is started in 1838 and then the researchers started to see it and fixed for every 12years. If you miss this sight then you must visit again in 2030.

The interesting thing that you can gain is that the tribal people live here. There will be two tribes namely Muthuvans and Adivasi and they just feel these flowers very sacred. This is because of their belief that their god Murugan married Devi using the garland of these flowers. Even these are used a timescale by Muthuvans. The way to get this by train or flight and if by train it will be Aluva, Ernakulam and Madurai and if by flight it is from Madurai and Cochin. So don’t miss it because if you miss it you will definitely miss a creation of God and I really think that nature made us to born and we must see our creation (nature) na. So go with your friends or family or even alone and experience the magic in it.