Biggest fulfilment facility for city by e-commerce giant…

Increasing in population and popularity in terms of tech hub and logistics hub and even various cultures Hyderabad is in its own way of development. Commonly Hyderabad is famous for its various technology hub where various opportunities are found. MNC’s are very much interested in city like Hyderabad because of its geographical location. Coming to the news now Hyderabad is going to have the biggest fulfilment facility by e-commerce giant Amazon in Shamshabad. It is really a good news to all e-commerce lovers and mainly for prime members because they can have their delivery within 1 or 2 days.

Knowing about the facility with 4 lakh sq.ft fulfilment centre providing 2.1 million cubic feet of storage space will be fifith such centre in Telangana which will also be direct benefit for 10,000 sellers enrolled, according to Akhil Saxena, Vice president, Indian customer fulfilment. Built in within less than year with 1.6km long conveyor belt for moving all kinds of bar coded goods with packaging material supplied by local business man and employs scores of workers involved in packing, transporting, coding etc. There are total 41 fulfilment centres in 13 states of having 50 delivery centres in TS and 2000partners in kirana shops, tea shops, beauty etc. However it is very great and proud moment for state for having such giant company in giant city.

Hyderabad already had a mark in development and even today it is showing its pace in tech hub. It is possible because of its geographical location and policies that are made are very resonating with the companies. The users of Amazon will be much benefited because of this establishment and from its working the people may not wait for 5days for their delivery. Just few days back the report that was given on growing pace of e-commerce, Hyderabad stood in 4th place and it shows how people of Hyderabad are showing interest and moulding their culture.