Be ready to joy.. the Hyderabad Comic Con is back!

How come a hero will save all the people whoever in problem and how come a man like batman existed, and so funny to say that how in real life a cat and mouse fight same like in Tom and Jerry. These are comic guys that which made our time some funny and we must be very thankful for the creators of such wonderful comic books and shows. Then how come a Comic world come to our city, ohh it is really a great news, Yes! Such an great opportunity is now for our Hyderabad city and all the children must visit it and know about various comic books and people who are existed in the comic world.

It is really a great opportunity to many people not only children but to many who always dreamt of becoming a great artist like Walt Disney creator and like Spiderman and many. Just give a look over such wonderful creations and try to create your own world, and an important note to parents is to make your child to explore such things where he may create a beautiful life ahead. Ways are many and this is one such way for many young personalities to make use of this event. The comic world is really exciting that really in our childhood days just a small show Tom and Jerry had created our day soo funny and happy. Just a smile on our face is just because of such small shows. But a bad thing is that now such shows are not available on TV and this is the reason why parents need to take their children to such event. Hope you all also remembered the moments where a small comic pic made a lot of meaning and happy for us and even now many comic writers and designers are having their livelihood through some news papers. We all must have a spirit to develop the fiction world just for us where only we exist as reality and everything else is your creation. It is the place where many young talents can meet many national and international comic creators and also make use of the centre stage to show up their talent. Many books are available which may be useful to your career and also you can make use of the big personalities to look over your works.

Hope you all will visit the event and learn something new and adapt it and try it. Make fun of such comics but don’t make fun of comic creators because they put their life in it. Just encourage such creations and enjoy the event. Many Indian artists and creators are having their seat in the event, just have a look at them and adopt some qualities from them. Cosplay is another main attraction in the event and register for it and if you win you will be the one to win ₹1lakh worth prizes. Get ready for all the fun and talent show for many and dont miss it guys just visit it, and the rest will be taken over by the event itself. Below are the details.. Event is organised by Maruti Suzuki.

Hyderabad Comic Con
October 14 – 15 | 11AM

Hall 1 & 3, Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad

Ticket: 499 – 999