Be ready for electric vehicles by 2030- say bye to petrol & diesel

All over the world, no vehicle is running without oil. People are rushing to oil bunks and they are ready to pay any amount for filling their tanks. The Arab countries are making money from this.

A shock to all oil producers and the economy that are based on oil, a study said that by 2030 all the oil based vehicles are going to be extinct and people will search for their bunks all over miles and miles. This is because of extinct of fossil fuels is on the way. Another revolution in transporting is going to be by electrification of vehicles. Within 8years all the oil bunks will vanish and people has no choice but to invest in electric cars and buy them. The study is named as ” Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030″ states that the electric vehicles will be cheaper than the vehicles based on fossil fuels. It says that electric vehicles will have the most life span than the oil vehicles have. The car dealership will end by 2024 and all the cars will work on autonomous electric technology.

The revolution is taking place because of control air pollution that has more amounts of CO and NOX elements. These conditions made engineers innovate and make eco-friendly vehicle systems. This is already performing in countries like Norway and at now the leading car companies like Benz, Audi, BMW, VOLVO are being in this field and making their own electric cars. India in this is a bit backward and by 2032 India will be one among all in this field. India had recently announced the BS4 norms by keeping this instinct in mind. Likewise, a revolution took place from a normal reel camera to highly professional digital cameras is in this path only.

Finally, all the people be ready to cope up with the situation then. It is going to make a lot of changes in the economy and also in transportation revolution. It is a boon to the climate change and good to the environment and for our future generations.