Bathukamma arrived first rather than flowers…

Bathukamma, the most awaited and admired festival by Telangana state people. The festival gathered the most number of people from the state as it has historical background. The festival is celebrated exclusively in Telangana state that too mainly by women’s. All the people celebrate the festive with full of love and admiration and mainly devotee towards the occasion. It is 9day festival, the main theme is that the festive is all done with flowers. Each flower had its own importance and also glory in festival. The Telangana government take the Bathukamma festival as prestige and celebrate it at sky level.

Usually this festival arrives in October month but this year’s festive came in September. The problem here is the flowers doesn’t miss their time and will arrive on October. The main flowers in this festive is Tangedu flower and Ganugu flower. The Tangedu flower is state flower and it is available but the Ganugu flower is seasonal and available in October, by farmers. This year many people people thought that the non availability of this Ganugu flower will be somewhat low hearted for people. The government asked the farmers to bring the available Ganugu flowers to market and sell them and also asked them to produce the flowers at maximum level.

The people are in a thought to replace the Ganugu flower with the Marigold and Chrysanthemum and other flowers as the Ganugu flower is available in other dyes. The Bathukamma festival is on its high from Wednesday and there we can see the colourful sarees distribution for women’s in Telangana. The government is really very supportive and also helpful for people in this festival as it is considered as peoples festival and is not fixed for any section of people.