Australia: building the largest battery of power 100Megawatts

Thomas Alva Edison, no need of introduction for this name because he is the one who gave us a gift i.e, lighting object. Many countries even India suffered from darkness until British out the way from India. It may be government fault or any other reason but people suffered a lot, and now it exists in some areas. Without light, nothing will be placed in our life because it is the one that makes us do and showing us to do.

All of us know where Australia is, it is the neighbour of the Asian continent and it is one of the developing nations and in fact, it is a continent itself. Such a big nation is building the largest battery of power 100Megawatts for her people mainly South Australian people because they just lived in blackness. Australian government paired with famous car firm Tesla and famous wind farm company Neon in which the building of battery will take 100 days.

The matter here is not about the deal but the purpose of the deal, it is for the welfare of people. Such initiatives must be done by all nations. Thinking in such way will be easy for governments but initiating it is important.