Artificial Intelligence = Future Weapon

Image Source: Huffington Post

The topic on fantasy or possible development of Artificial Intelligence to exceptional levels is again on the table for discussion. Many tech geeks and visionary leaders of the world are so skeptical about the role of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in coming days. Recently while speaking to students at a conference Russian President, Vladimir Putin had stated that “ Whichever country will lead in AI research will dominate the global affairs of tomorrow’s world.”

The two leading global players of the world i.e, China and U.S are so ambitious of developing a robust A.I system in order to have leverage over the world affairs. China had recently stated their goal of becoming global leader in AI research by 2030. On the hand US is believed to be lagging behind in this sphere due to Trump’s lack of vision.

Artificial Intelligence though created by humans is believed to work more swiftly-qualitatively, quantitatively and also creatively than a human brain. It is perceived to be the game changer in the sectors of heavy industry, medical research and will provide a huge stimuli to the growth of economy. We should not forget its potential use in warfare too. It could be used to spy on the movements of other governments, the functioning of their economies or it can used to spy on their own citizens at a whole new level. Literally it will acquire the capabilities of god mode, which will help it control almost every human move according to its own desire.