Art that gives you an invisible expression

Whenever I see any Art drawn by anyone I don’t appreciate or express any feeling towards that Art. Because I don’t know what it is, is it a meaningful picture or why he had drawn it. When I saw Monalisa picture I thought that it is just a great picture drawn in olden times. But when I saw the video about the facts hidden in Monalisa picture then I got realized that every Art has hidden meaning in it. From then I started to praise the Art and tried a lot to know the hidden meaning in those pictures. Many pictures and drawings contain only one colour of drawing and it sold for about lakhs of rupees, because it is understood by great people like you just only because of their expression within them.
Many people say that Art is a profession but I say that it is an imagination that has beautiful expressive bounds. Yeah it is absolutely correct and also it is a passion to many people, you know what so many blind people were turned as great Artists only because of their wonderful imagination that creates a beautiful Art which makes anyone bow. Many street Artists were stopped at street level only, because of their unsupportive way from others.
In yester years on international Artist day, great Indian Artist named Ravi Varma drawn an Art which is a big circle and dot in the middle of the circle. You may think that what is special in it and absolutely he won the Award. Yeah it is true because from any position if we see the picture the direction and distance are same and it indicates the centre point. This the classical art was done by him.

Many people took him as inspiration and became the great Artists ever. Many people think that Art means acting and other art forms, but truly the Art that gives you the inner expression is Art i.e, picture drawing. It reveals the wonderful person and ideas within you, if you try to praise the Art then you will know who you are. Art is great praise it and love it.