Arabic Mandi’s spreading its smell all over city…

Hyderabad, the name itself makes us to strike about famous Hyderabad Biryani which is unique in itself. Maximum of the population in Hyderabad loves Biryani, if anyone doesn’t like it the other will see him differently. In such a way the Biryani had made its mark on people. Now the Arabic Mandi’s are making its mark over Hyderabad Biryani. Its smell is spreading over all over city that made all people irrespective of their age and work are showing interest in eating at Mandi’s.

In long way back there are very few Mandi’s in Hyderabad and now it is liked by many and so there are many Mandi’s all over the city. The speciality in this food made in mandi is that the non-veg is made using steam but not oil. Chilli powder and salt and other masala powder is added and made boiled using steam. The place is seperate for making this food and the cooks are also Arabic type cook. Myself I experienced the tasty Mandi at Moosarambagh named Matam Al Turki and the place itself is soo rushed with many people. The food there make you to eat a lot with water coming from your mouth. A big plate which contains two big chicken/mutton pieces and plate full rice costs ₹350/- which is eaten by two. The seating position is the main attraction there and it is suitable for heavy eaters like me.

Such a great and healthy making of food makes the people to get visit there frequently. It also develops the relation with our friend in eating program. The chicken or mutton used here is of less aged chicken and goats because less aged chicken or goat is eligible for steam made food and old age cannot be made using steam. This says that how these Mandi’s are concerning about health. Arabic foods also offer veg food in Mandi’s that made veg lovers too visit the place. My tongue is creating watery sense in my mouth because of this article. Yeah friends really it is such a great foode opportunity to eat and enjoy with friends or family with healthy food.

This Arabic foods are growing at larger pace in Hyderabad and so local Biryani may affect but each has its own speciality. But in my sense of seeing of people, many got attracted towards mandi in recent times that too mainly because of the damn taste and healthy food. So I recommend you people to visit the mandi near you and have a delight food with your friends. We use WhatsApp and Facebook for all issues so just use them for this and message your friends and search where is mandi and have a memorable tasty meal.