Air India: Ranked 3rd Worst Airline in the world!

We all know that Air India is our national carrier which is owned by the Government of India. But, do you know where does it stand in the world? According to data firm FlightStat’s annual survey, it is ranked as the 3rd worst performing airline in the world. It is rated low in the ‘on-time performance’.

The only airlines worse than Air India are Icelandair(Iceland) and El Al(Israel). It is also performing low financially. It has a massive debt of Rs.46,570 crore and operates on a daily loss of Rs.58 lakh.

The government still hasn’t paid it Rs.750 crore for flying VIPs. The rankings indicate that even Pakistan International Airlines which is a national carrier is ranked ahead of Air India. There are rumours that Tata is going to take control of Air India in the near future. Let us hope that at least then its performance will improve.