A Chip For Brain

In nearby future days, the day will come when we hear that someone’s brain implanted with the chip. Researchers of HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY ARM are working on this project day and night. If this project will success it might work for help in recover brain from injuries. But the major problem with this chip project is that the consumption of power and heat that it generates. Researchers work on it and they needed something ultra-small and ultra-low-power chip that easily implants in the brain without any problem.

Now-days chips are good known for recover from injuries and do various tasks. From the account of THE NEW YORK TIMES, a case came in the news that a student from North Carolina was severely injured in a diving attempt which had gone wrong, got a chip implanted in his brain. He had chip connected through a computer to a sleeve on his arm. After this, that person was able to focus his thoughts and even play a guitar video game by practicing.

By seeing this, the researchers hopes that one day patients will be able to not only perform different types of activities but also receive a sensory response.