Call for sustainable agriculture

In India, most of the people’s livelihood is an agricultural sector which is a primary industry. It must be developed in a diversified way as it is the traditional way of livelihood. As I know that up to now no government organization had taken care about agriculture in actual way it just pertains to words and schemes. It has to be changed and efficient way is to be implemented and also the new way of approach that makes use of the e-technology.

India is lagging in providing the information to the farmers about the new methods prevailed in agriculture and also not trying to make available to useful components related to agriculture like fertilizers and pesticides. If this is the scene the agricultural sector will be drowned away from Indian economy which is under 70% of the population. Employment ways are to be generated in agriculture and incorporation of new technology is to be introduced in all the agricultural schemes. Likewise in yester years, the programs like green revolution gave a good result but it also made the soil infertility to some extent.

The government must listen to the plea of the farmers as they are the food sellers to us. Many suicides are taking place every year in all the states but no state is taking care of them, but at the time of need they appear. What is the use of being like that? Our PM Narendra Modi has given an important call to all the officials that make the agriculture a sustainable one which means evergreen revolution is to come. For this government has been providing useful information regarding technology and various methods to farmers by establishing the centers in local areas and also make available of the fertilizers and also approving of the fertilizers to be used for the respective crop centers like centers for agriculture and animal husbandry, the center for knowledge societies.. those which offer the products and services of newly developed methods.

Finally introducing the e-technology and innovative methods in agriculture is a good thing. That helps many people to be in that sector which means development in the nation’s income also. Thus INDIA will achieve the sustainable in agriculture.