4Th June, A big day for all fans

It will be the great day for all cricket fans. 1st of June the champion trophy will start and continues till at 18th of June. But 4th of June, it will be a big day for all fans because on that day the match will be between India and Pakistan. For this match, everyone waits always because all know India and Pakistan are very intense sports rivalries in the world. Match between them always a big issue for all either for Indian fans or Pakistani fans. Sometimes it became the biggest issue for us. Political decisions are also affected by match.

At 90s era, the match between them was a fascinating thing for all. Works are affected by this, sometimes it was in the news that in some places offices were closed due to Ino-pak match. People were eagerly waiting for Sachin’s batting and Soiab’s bowling. Towns and cities were silent on match days like curfew implemented in towns and cities.

Today’s time it also seems but the time has changed and craziness are also changed. Sometime before we heard a news from Pakistani channel that a cricket fan broke their television because Pakistani team lost their match against Indian team. But I think this is not right, do not take match very personally.

Right now the condition of Indian team is in so harsh condition because of IPL. All the players are so tired and exhausted from matches and check in and checkout. How they will be played it is the matter of curiosity. But we wish we play well and once more we will win the match by legendary style.