SACHIN- A BILLION DREAMS, the perfect name of this movie. Absolutely Sachin is always in dreams of billion people. Nobody replaces him. It is a biographic movie on Sachin Tendulkar which is written and directed by James Erskine. The movie is based on Sachin’s professional as well as personal life. And it reveals many aspects that we never heard of or seen before. This movie will be released on 26th May of 2017 in 5 languages- English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi. Music is composed by A.R.RAHMAN that means we goosebumps in each and every moment when it will watch.

Sachin Tendulkar and his family members themselves are acting in this film. This is the first Indian biographic movie where the real person acted himself. It is the biggest movie for cricket fans. The trailer and songs of the movie are backed us in the 90s, the era of THE GOD OF CRICKET- SACHIN TENDULKAR.

We just hope and also confirmed that when the movie will release only one name chants and heard in theatre and that will be SACHIN……SACHIN….SACHIN…..


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