‘Anmol’ for better health..!

Photo Source: Telangana Today

As my aunt (health care officer) and I came to a little conservation she told me about the ANMOL application I really don’t have an idea about it. Curiously I asked about, then she started explaining from roots of it. As Shri.P Nadda launched the Swasth bharath Mobile application and ANM online application-ANMOL. It is a tablet-based application that allows ANMs to enter and updated data for beneficiaries of their jurisdiction.

Taking Into account the issue faced by ANM’s and to improve the overall standards of child and maternal health service provision in India and related data collection, the ministry of health and family welfare, government of India, with support from UNICEF, has introduced an Android based application ANMOL.

ANMOL or ANM online is a solution that aims to bring better healthcare services and better consultation to millions of pregnant women, mothers and newborns in India. ANMOL ends drudgery for ANMs by making their work paperless. The tablet allows them to enter and update the service records of beneficiaries on real time basis, which ensures prompt entry and updating of data. Since it is a completely digitized process, the high quality of the data and accountability is maintained.

Irrigation minister T. Harish Rao said that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has been bringing revolutionary changes in the field of health. Addressing a gathering after launching ANM online (ANMOL) android application health and family welfare commissioner. The minister said that ‘Anmol’ would provide transparency in treatment at hospital and staff is being provided training in uploading the data and this programme is being implemented by Madhya Pradesh and Telangana only.

“The ANMOL tablet is my akka (elder sister in Telugu), a constant guiding support that helps me overcome my day to day issues”, Sujatha says. “it saves me a lot of time. My job has become very easy since I started using it. Now I can solve all my problems myself. I use ANMOL to make better connections with the people in the village and understand their problems by talking to them”.

ANMOL will be revolutionary application that will give a significant boost to improve health services in India, JP said the ANMOL application will help implement health programmes successfully at the grassroots level, the minister added.

The government of India plans to roll out ANMOL to all the 293,000 ANMs in a phased manner to improve better health facilities.