3years of governance towards iconic path in India…

“Congress got 60 years to rule, give us 60months”.. this was the statement by Narendra Modi in 2014 which pulled the crowd towards govt change. People thought of development for future generations and fixed to make a difference in Indian politics this resulted NDA won with the highest majority ever recorded in India. The leader who trusted people and in return people trusted him only because of his success views. People welcomed him as PM with a red carpet by giving him a majority of 288 seats.

He promised many words to people and until 1½ years he went to the world tour, by which people got feared that no development is taking place in India. But the whole development happened inside itself, yes the world tour has huge benefits and it is now showing it’s diversified effects. Many Bold decisions made him famous and many policies are introduced by him. Not as a leader but as a common man he has done all this. No doubt that India will be as a power nation within 10years if this vision is followed with patience.

On completion of 3yeras of governance PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the India’s longest bridge named as DHOLA-SADIYA Bridge in Assam. It lasts about 9-12km and cost about 950crores. He is the one who made India to be as an icon in many ways to other countries in means of development and also his vision towards bringing back the Agricultural sector in India. Startup India is the one by which many Indian startups are regulated. Make India is the concept of having own manufacturing products that made many companies have own national product feeling. Mistakes may happen but they will bring the results as like that of mistake happened in the matter of PSLV. Everything needs time. Hope that India will achieve greater heights.