3 Instances Where “SIRI” Saved People from Death

“SIRI” is an in-built “Intelligent assistant” feature that comes with Iphone 4S and above. It helps the users to give voice commands like to call someone, play music and video, to search for nearer restaurants, movie theatres and hospitals etc.

This feature is coming in handy to the people when they are on the verge of dying. Here are three instances, where it rescued people from dying-

Stacey Gleeson is the mother of a one-year old girl from Australia. On one day she saw her baby’s face turning blue. Immediately she ran towards her leaving her iphone behind. Then she shouted “Hey SIRI, call an ambulance”, immediately SIRI dialed to nearest hospital and Stacey told the medical authorities her address. Within no time the ambulance had arrived and her baby survived with medication. After this incident, she wrote a thanking letter to Apple for saving her daughter’s life.

In an another incident in New Hampshire, USA. Christopher Beaucher entered her mother’s house, when he noticed something suspicious. When he switched on the light, there was an explosion and the house turned into flames burning his hands and face. Then he immediately asked “SIRI” to call 911 and informed the authorities of his condition. Soon a rescue team along with ambulance had reached there and saved him from turning into ashes in that deadly fire.

SIRI helped a teenager named Sam Ray from getting dead, when he got crushed beneath a truck. Sam, while carrying on some repairs under his truck one of the jack got broke and truck fell crushing him. Fortunately he placed his Iphone nearer to him, so he asked SIRI to call 911 and told about the grave situation he is in. A medical team arrived there in a ambulance and rescued him.