Jio phone is very much impressive than many smartphones?

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Jio, is the name of sim, WiFi hotspot, and even a company under Reliance. This name had Shaked the whole telecom world and now it is going to start a revolution by introducing the Jio phone for many people who are not afford to buy big smartphones. It is most awaited phone with high speed internet access that which is very safe. This is free and infact an amount of ₹1,500 is to be deposited and after 3years it will be returned to you. The Jio phone 21st July and accepted the pre orders upto August 24th. By Diwali the phones is to be issued to 6million pre orders people.

Jio phone had got the first impression with candy bar like build that which we used for NOKIA. The phone is simple and looking good with front and back camera with 2megapixel. The phone is very comfortable to hold with a numeric keyboard which helps your thumb to go around the phone. The middle button allows the voice recognition technology and it allows to make calls and open contacts and also music. Keeping in mind the price the phone is very well build , the quality of plastic used is very nice and rubber keyboard is also good to use. The screen is 2.4 inches with 240*320 resolution that which is very much better to use minimally but not to see videos. The internal storage is 4GB and RAM is 514MB and also gives the USB charger and the memory is expanded to 128 GB. Main new point is it runs using KaiOS a new technology and has the nano SIM technology and also applicable for VoLTE support. All over it is a well build phone with 4G capability and full support for Jio activities.

Anyway Reliance Jio is making its way into simpler smartphones world and already it occupied the telecom world. Lets see how this new Jio phone will make the best impression among the poor and middle users who buy the phone and interesting point is not only middle People many of big guys also bought the phone just to have simple usage of smartphone. The phone also possess Bluetooth and WiFi with geo location availability, but the inbuilt apps doesn’t have Facebook or YouTube. Hope the phone will make a lot of difference for the mobile world by which the mobile giants also follow the simple smartphone technology.