India beats Australia in 1st Oneday

Photo Credit: PTI

The match of 5 oneday serious the India had won the match. The match was done well by our cricketers like Virat Kohili,Hardik Pandya and many others of our Indian cricketers had a done very well with all the 5 matches. All of our cricketers made us to feel proud in front of all the other nations.

In the starting of the match our cricketers got with the great problems but when the match goes on they had overcome with problem and went to the path of victory. This is how the match was ended. Proud to say that we won the match with Austrilia.

Virat, the captain of India and Pandya played well. Virat suggetions are good towards the team and the team also played along with our expectations in the ground.All the people of Indians were enjoyed with a joyful mood in the ground.