“Technology Tool” to detect animals and their medical status…

Photo representation of animal tracking system(demo only)

To minimise the problem of missing animals the US based department introduced tech tool RFID to detect the wild animals. Tracking the animals gives insights for researchers into lives of wild animals.

The US Department mandated that presence of Radio Frequency Identification Device chips for tracking animals along with their medical status. The technology also used to reduce poaching and easy way for tracking animals with given information. The city possess many unique species and endangered species in Nehru Zoological park and deer national park in vanasthalipuram and other animals that are missing in city is now easy to identify their status and protect them with this technology.

The park officials are going to interpret this technology and use it for the animal protection purposes. Such technologies increase the work ability and interest to the officials who are working for animals protection. Transparency will be between animal and their location with officials. In democracy transparency must be between people and government and in animal protection life it is between officials and such technology. City is developing in traffic issues too by which some animals may be alive even they are missed. With the development of traffic and road system in city the wild life too developing and tourists are having sight on it. Overall it increases the tourism interest and wild life safety.