e-bikes cycling towards innovation and eco friendly…

Cycling is one of the dream in our childhood and even habit for many old age people. Using the cycle in olden days in for fun and now usage of cycles in for eco-friendly purpose because of the pollution. Innovation has made its way in cycles and manufactured e-bikes that give the essence of bicycles. It is the thought of Ahmedabad students Rahul, Rushad, Krishna by company named LightSpeed. It is crowd funded by Bengaluru based firm Fueladream.

Coming to the the e-bikes already they had launched two bikes named GLYD and DRYFT and are available on Fueladream.com site. These bikes get the pedal assistance and charger of Samsung or Panasonic. It also possess LED screen that displays the speed. They claim that these are the light weight bikes in India. Such light weight bikes make the customers to get attracted and even they encourage the usage of it for better environment. As the demand for electrical bikes are increasing so that these can be used and produced at larger extent. Many other innovation that are helpful for environment must be on the way by youngsters as the world needs it.

The price of the bikes are mentioned as ₹27,999 and ₹37,999 respectively. Already the bookings are open but the manufacturing starts only after payment is completed. These are general information and let us know that these type of startups are growing in India at larger pace because it is the only way which gives satisfaction and benefit for nation. These type of bikes are must be available in urban areas which keep the city pollution free. The Indian market will definitely make a great mark for such useful and interesting business as the people in India are change acceptors. Such innovations are always welcomed by government too and must work for nations interest so that it will create a large market.