New Indian cricket team coach for a change.

I have heard many times that Indian cricket team won because of the coach in maximum context and of Captain minimum amount. Whenever Indian team changing the coach the results in beginning are too good but after that, they may be down. Maintaining consistency in cricket is tough because it is an unpredictable sport.

A captain like M S Dhoni may be a reason for winnings and the same man will be the reason for losing the match. Until M S Dhoni announced retirement for each and every winning and losing all people blames only him, but not the coach. But now during Virat Kohli it is different, he is the one with different attitude showing towards players and even coach. During the Champions Trophy, the reason for losing may be all over players but the highlighted man in losing trophy by Kohli is then Indian coach Anil Kumble, the man behind many major wins for India.

I can’t understand that such merit record is with Kumble and even he is blamed. Anything may be the matter the topic here is to say that our Indian cricket team new coach is Ravi Shastri, the man who acted as Director for the Indian team in past. New bowling coach is Zaheer Khan, the one and only pacemaker of the Indian team. Hope for the good result from the side of Kohli because he is the one who strongly waited for Shastri. Hope for better winnings and better understanding between captain and coach in the Indian team.